The Game

Ruling Council
There are five positions in the ruling council of the noble lord. A character can only fill one of these positions.

Marshall: He is in charge of the defense of the realm, and the maintenance of the military.

Chancellor: The head diplomat, the chancellor is in charge of foreign relations.

Steward: In charge of managing the finances of the realm.

Spymaster: Gathers intelligence and information within the realm and outside of the realm.

Chaplain: The official representative of the lord in the Temple.

Honorary Titles
There are several lower positions, some of which are purely honorary.

Warden/Gamekeeper: Manages and defends the lord’s hunting grounds.

Captain of the Guard: A loyal warrior who ensures that no violence occurs inside the castle.

Seneschal: The master of ceremonies, feasts and tournaments.

Master of the Horse: A prestigious position, the master of the horse ensures that the lords stables are well stocked.

Cupbearer: Guards the lord’s cup from poisoners.

Physician: Tends to the lord’s health and administers medicine as needed.

Lower Positions
Castle Blacksmith: A capable tradesman who maintains and builds the lord’s equipment.

Butler: The primary servant in the castle who organizes the servants and kitchen workers. He also arranges quarters for guests.

The Game

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