Seat of Power is a campaign set in the world of Sula, on the Kanay Islands, a land struggling from religious turmoil and a divided nobility. The players take on the task of unifying the divided island realm of Kanay Minor on behalf of their master, the Docha of Nari, with one player serving as the Elos, or noble lord, of Romadi.

Players may take a quiz to start the game with 50 bonus experience. You must get 10/12 questions correct to receive full credit. The answers to the questions may be found in the wiki. Retests are allowed.

The setting is inspired by the Dark Ages, the Mongol Empire, and the early middle-ages Islamic world as well as the Ice and Fire series.

The primary religion is inspired heavily by Islam and Hinduism, and to a lesser extent Christianity and Zoroastrianism.

The game uses the rules from the Song of Ice and Fire RPG by Green Ronin.

Seat of Power

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