Marshall of Romadi & Landrider of Good Bog


Born to a poor peasant village on the outer reaches of the empire, Kalo showed an amazing talent for archery while still quite young. Gaining the notice of the other villagers, they pooled their resources to send the child to be taught and trained as a free rider.

He did well, even going so far as to make a name for himself as one of the most accomplished archers of his peers. He attended a tournament to prove his skill, and came from the competition victorious, though some whispers say that he had not initially won but had lost to a heretic, who was disqualified once the truth was revealed.

Afterwards he still gained much status, becoming the teacher and trainer to a young prince of a small region. Afterwards, when the boys father went on crusade to retake the holy city, mall travelled to the southern lands to bring the Rota back to Kandishar. For many years he fought under the command of Marshall Altaeus, seeing many victories under the Marshall’s leadership.

Two events marked the young free rider’s times: the first was when assassins took the Marshall’s wife and son, brutally killing the pair. Kalo saw that the Marshall, who was overwhelmed by rage and grief, still hold to the principles of Rota and kept true to his duties. The second came at the battle of Stahe, when the crusade was nearly stopped. Seeing the demons alongside the the southern men appalled Kalo, showing him the dangers of Chaos firsthand and not just from the sermons of a priest. After the battle Kalo returned home with the Marshall and prince, who he continues to travel with.


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