Elos Sagatro the Younger

The Elos of Arqash


Sagatro the Younger is the Elos of Arqash, the older brother of Yoram, and the father of two sons, Riyad (who is attending the university in Chadi) from his first wife and Artis from his current wife, Bharsi. Sagatro is the patriarch of House Teana.

He participated in the Lorrian War, on the request of the late Docha of Nari. In the war, Sagatro was a capable sub-commander, but was more proficient in matters of statehood.

Sagatro’s current project is placing his son on the throne of the Elosadom of Romadi. He is working on this with Docha Juntilo of Nari.

Elos Sagatro the Younger

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